If you have bought a brand new smart LED, Plasma or LCD Television or simply want to install a home cinema system and would like to mount it on your wall, Aerial Services can help.

We offer flat screen TV installation and wall mounting service that will improve your viewing experience and eliminate any problems with your installation. Aerial Services have been installing digital home cinema and audio systems for many years and can ensure your viewing is as enjoyable as possible.

Our professional engineers will visit your property, and will help you decide on the best location for your TV. They will also provide you with the best advice on fitting options and discreet cabling. They can also uninstall your TV system if you are moving home. If you need to situate your TV at an angle, or need it fitted in an unusual location like a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, our engineers are fully accredited and qualified to fit your TV safely, no matter what the obstacle may be. They can provide you with details of available fitting options and brackets before carrying out the job, and will continue to work at making sure your exact requirements are met.

If you have bought an expensive LED, Plasma or LCD TV, it may be a target for thieves. With this in mind, our engineers can secure your TV in a way that will make it more difficult to steal; giving you added peace of mind that all efforts have been made to make your TV secure. TV’s and cables can be very inviting for young children, but also hazardous. By mounting your TV on a wall safely and securely, you can ensure they are kept out of harms way and also avoid breakage, especially if your TV or home cinema system is very expensive.

Why choose Aerial Services?
Our engineers are provided with the highest quality tools and are hand selected based on their professionalism and capabilities. They will also provide you with the advice you can trust. Call our team today on 01273 803 360 or e-mail us via [email protected] to book an appointment.